Zines in Graphic Design://

Even before the printing press, forms of communication have been around. Some of the best forms of this is printing and or writing then dispersing the information. Zines are self published booklets or pamphlets that are passed out to different locations. One of the many great things about zine making is that you don’t have to be labeled a graphic designer to make one or design one. Most zines are typically made via photocopy machines then hand assembled and passed out. Zines are very community based, they capture all the local events, art, and more happening you may not know of. Even though those behind the zines may not be calling themselves graphic designers they are doing a lot of things graphic designers do. For instance, you must format the layout so it can look the way you want it to. When you figured out the look and layout of the zine you then figure out how you want it printed. This can vary depending on if your going to a printer to have it done or your photocopying everything and then binding everything, which can vary as well. As you can see, this is a long and tedious process so passion is also something you should have above all really. In closing, the community of zine making/exchanging is growing and being more recognized and I only hope it continues!

Reference/ sited: http://www.historygraphicdesign.com/index.php/the-industrial-revolution/ukiyo-e-and-art-nouveau/552-suzuki-harunobu

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