for Issue #3 of Soooo Lame

Have you ever had the trippiest dream that felt so real? Have you ever tried to piece together the meaning of what you saw, or was it complete randomness? Soooo Lame Issue #3’s theme will be on the portrayal, commentary, & expression of the dream realm. We hope to provide a stage where the subconscious can run wild & flow freely. We are looking for all forms of visual art & expressive writing. (Please stick to the theme & forms of media. Other wise, your work will not be featured.) Anyone is welcome to submit their work. Include your name &/or handle on social media (mention if you prefer to be anonymous).You may also include a brief description of yourself or your piece. So don’t trip too hard, send in your wonderful work to us!

Submission Deadline Friday May 31st

Send to soooolamezine@gmail.com Questions DM @soooo_lamezine

Soooo Lame is a local and nonprofit zine. All proceeds go towards printing costs and materials.

Issue #2 out NOW!

If you want to see some local creepy art, Soooo Lame Issue #2 is here for you! This issue gives you lots of creative yet creepy art from 12 amazing artists! If you check us out on instagram @soooo_lamezine you can see all the artists and their pages! To purchase one please go to Wasted Ink Zine Distro or email us here to get one mailed directly to you! All proceeds made go directly to the cost in making more or for future zines, NOT FOR PROFIT. If you are interested in contributing or even collaborating please reach us  at soooolamezine@gmail.com

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